Bungalow Exterior Paint Job in Sandringham

We recently undertook a complete exterior repaint of a worn-out bungalow in Sandringham, Auckland. This project was long overdue as the paint was peeling significantly, and numerous repairs were required to restore the home’s appearance and structural integrity. Our team, known for being top-rated house painters in Auckland, was tasked not only with restoring the home’s appearance but also with modernising it by eliminating the outdated lime green colour scheme.




One entire side of the house was in such poor condition that all the paint had to be stripped back to the bare timber. This allowed us to re-prime the surface properly before applying the new paint. The preparation process was meticulous and thorough, ensuring a long-lasting and high-quality finish. We managed all aspects of the project, starting with a thorough washing of the house to remove dirt and debris, which is crucial for good paint adhesion. Additionally, we handled the installation of the scaffolding, ensuring the safety and efficiency of our Auckland painters team throughout the process.




Included here are some before and after shots of the bungalow, highlighting the dramatic transformation achieved through our efforts. This project showcased the exceptional workmanship of our exterior house painters and the positive impact of the new, modern colour scheme on the home’s aesthetic. The client was incredibly pleased with the results and generously gifted us bottles of champagne upon completion of the project.