Cost of Painting a House Interior in Auckland, New Zealand


If you’re considering hiring a professional interior painter in Auckland, you’re likely doing some research before contacting a few companies. Here we will answer some of the questions that we frequently get asked, including the cost of painting your house interior in Auckland, New Zealand.


How long will my interior painting project take?

Every house is unique, and the painting process varies accordingly. However, we as house painters, understand the importance of knowing start and finish dates, especially if you’re still living in the home. After an on-site visit, we can provide an estimated timeline, typically ranging from one to three weeks based on the project’s type and scope. Updates on your project’s status will be provided regularly, ensuring you can plan accordingly.


What should I do to prepare my house for interior painting?

Preparation is crucial for a successful painting job. We recommend storing delicate furniture, fixtures, and breakables away from the work area. If a garage isn’t available, consider a temporary storage unit on-site. We’ll move furniture to the room’s center and cover belongings, floors, and windows with drop cloths or plastic sheets. After completing the painting, we’ll return furniture to its original position to ensure a stress-free experience.


How much does interior house painting cost?

For an accurate quote, we need to conduct an on-site visit to assess your property in detail and draft a scope of work. Various factors influence the cost, including the type and size of the painting area, ceiling height, and required surface preparation. During the colour consultation, we will also advise on the best paint options.


What does the price cover?

When considering the cost of painting your home’s interior, especially in Auckland, it’s important to know what the price covers. Key factors include preparation work, access, scaffolding, height, and complexity. 

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