Ponsonby Villa Exterior

The project was abandoned by another painter at an early stage, so Auckland City Painters were called in to take over and rectify the situation.

Here we have a near 100 year old bungalow transformed into a high-end residence bordering the Ponsonby shopping district.

The client wanted a bright, modern and clean look and chose the black and white palette with only a hint of colour for the entrance steps at the side of the house.

Auckland City Painters organised and coordinated all the scaffolding to be erected which was no easy feat in your typical tight space in Ponsonby.

The front shingles on the front bay window were completely replaced and we did a tight job of painting them while maintaining the natural gaps between each timber shingle.

The final look is outstanding. When viewed from the road the house really pops and speaks sophistication.

Colour: Resene Alabaster